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Answers to Literacy

Finding the Door in Your Wall

Mentoring students in conquering the lifelong skills of spelling, writing, and reading which allows students to succeed in life with the keys to access the world.

Kids Reading Outdoor


Literacy: the ability to read and write.

By around 3rd to 4th grade, students often hit the wall! Because they have reached a limit on the number of words they can memorize and have not been taught correctly how to decode and encode those words, they cannot progress and struggle to keep up. That “wall” becomes insurmountable.

However, there is a door in that wall that can open for them to walk through to reading success. By learning the code with which to study a word on a letter by letter basis is exactly what will allow a student to become automatic in reading that word.


Is there a wall in front of you? Let's go find that door!

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