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What Our Clients Have to Say

The results speak for themselves!

The spelling program with results!

That’s how I would begin to describe this very comprehensive, very complete set of materials. I know from first-hand experience that this program works and the results are impressive to say the least.


It makes sense of the English language like no other program I’ve seen, and the research behind the program is amazing.


For about 4 years my son was taught with the SIGHT method first. This resulted in him being able to read a little better but he could not spell, write neatly, nor compose thought.

Basically he was learning nothing, and all of his intervention plan was SIGHT based. I started with [the Answers to Literacy method] which taught him to link the sound to the symbol, not to letter name. This proved to be a very important key in helping him decode and encode the language. Using the combination of senses, he could retain the word. He needed to use the 4 senses of HEARING, SPEAKING, WRITING and READING in this particular order to retain the words. This method is a simultaneously multi-sensory approach. There is a big difference.


I have three children with dyslexia who have received expensive dyslexia therapy.

This is by far the BEST program I have ever seen. I have learned much as I’ve researched to help my children, and I can assure you that this makes the most sense…. even better than the therapy my sons received, imho. I do not think you can find something better. 


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