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Teacher Training

Answers to Literacy – Teacher Training Opportunity

What We Teach

  • A phonics-based spelling program – with historical and scientific success

  • Think in sounds NOT letter names – teaches decoding skills

  • A whole new way of thinking – Think to Spell!

Whom We Teach

  • Suitable for all – individuals, classes, multiple ages, various abilities/special needs

  • Gifted, English as a Second Language (ESL), Learning Difficulties

How We Teach

  • Follow a Logical Progression – from known to unknown

  • Reinforce Concepts in Multi-Sensory ways simultaneously – visual, auditory, kinesthetic,  tactile (VAKT)

Why We Teach This Way

  • Efficient – scientific, reasoned, broad-based

  • Economical – uncluttered, saves time and money

  • Effective – usually good spellers become good readers. Reverse is often NOT true.

Opportunity to Join Answers to Literacy Team of Certified Teachers:

       12 weeks (24 hours) training 

       Curriculum and supplies included

       Certificate of Achievement

       “No Teacher Left Behind” support guarantee

Opportunity: About
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